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Lanyard printing

Qasar Al Murjan printing company are specialized in Lanyard printing. We have satin and polyester lanyard we will print on it using sublimation printing method and screen printing method. We print your company logo, name and slogan. We have satin lanyard width 1.5cm, 2cm and 2.5cm are available and polyester lanyard width 2cm only we have. This lanyard are usefull in many places like school, college and working place.




What We Do


We have white lanyard rolls we will print on it using sublimation printing method. it may use to print single and multi colors on lanyard.

We print the lanyard then we stiching with your preferred accessories. We have lot of accessories like metal hook, crocolile hook, ovel hook, safety buckles, safety breakaway and mobile strap.

We are specialized on Lanyard so we finish production in short period of time. For example we are able to manufacture 10,000 lanyard in one to two working days.

We manufacture lanyard in our factory so we sell lanyard in wholesale basic. We are the one to give lowest price in all over the UAE


Our Products


            1. Sublimation lanyard

            2. neck lanyard

            3. tubular lanyard

            4. pet lanyard

            5. printed lanyard

            6. lanyard with ID holder

            7. woven opener lanyard

            8. bling fishing lanyard

            9. promotional lanyard

            10. shoelace

            11. tool strap, etc.