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UV printing

Flatbed Digital printers, also known as flatbed printers or flatbed UV printing, have a flat surface on which a material to be printed is put. In general, the UV printer spreads ink on the surface or body of an item, where well-designed UV LED lights dry behind its head, where the ink dries incredibly quickly and is indestructible.




What We Do


The biggest benefit is the excellent LED light UV curing technology known as UV printing. In general, our UV printers can print directly on materials like as acrylic, solid, wood, and metal. The twenty-first century.

The UV printer generally distributes ink on an object's surface or body, where well-designed UV LED lights dry behind its head, where the ink dries extremely rapidly and is unbreakable.

Our UV printing is well-known in industries such as advertising and corporate gift goods such as USB, power bank, ad pen metal and plastic. Electronics items, ready gift box, metal aluminum box, or acrylic Electronics products, direct branding and labeling on products.

We print and supply your corporate logos for marketing purposes. You can also buy something online. Our service is accessible seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Within a few days, we will add your orders to your account. Our items are of great quality. That is something we guaranteed.


Our Product


            USB, Power bank, Promotional pen metal and plastic.

            Ready gift box, metal aluminum box or acrylic.

            Electronics items, branding and labeling directly on products.

            Leather box and folder can be printed multi colors directly.

            Key chain, reel badge and other ready objects.

            Name plate, medal, trophy, crystal award and plaque printing.

            ID cards, plastic, PVC loyalty cards, access card with sharp letter printing


Why Us


Qasar Al Murjan Gifts and advertising supply and printing company is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of UV Printing in United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA and Africa.

Any size is available.We'd want to say, you've got got our assure that the mixture of nice and rate that we provide is one of the fine withinside the world. Hundred of customers from companies, businesses in UAE and everywhere in the world

We will print the UV Wrapping within a maximum of 4 days depending on your order and deliver them to you within the next 3 days.