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Roll up Banner

Qasar al murjan is specialized in roll up banner. We have Roll-up banner we will print on it. We print on this roll-up banner using Digital printing machines. This roll up banner are mostly used in a company advertisment, events and exhibition. And also usefull to promote your company. Roller banners are easy to build, carry, and reuse which are three reasons why they are so popular. We supply roll-up banner at whole sale price.




What We Do


We have a ready made roll-up banner we will print on using digital printing. Digital printing is the best way to print a roll-up banner. We also supply roll-up banner with stand. You may carry the roll-up banners with you everywhere you go.

There are three different size available in our company there are 85cm * 200cm, 120cm* 200cm and 150cm * 200cm.

There can be no show without a roll-up banner. We publish with the purpose of promoting your business. We design the roll up banner stand to be portable and simple to use. Also stands for Exhibitions, Trade Shows, and Product Launches.

Our roll-up banner printing service is best quality and its serves you long period of time. And its available in wholesale rate. our price is the lowest price in all over the UAE.


Our Products


We are committed to providing a variety of roll-up banners, such as retractable banners and pull-out banners.

retractable banners:

The retractable banner is a popular and hassle-free way to display your message at a trade fair, conference, or other event.

pull-out banners:

Pull out banners, on the other hand, are a professional style that may be used at many meetings and presentations. Your poster stands well, and you may display it both indoors and outdoors at a shopping mall, store, or fashion outlet.


Why Us


Qasar Al Murjan Gifts and advertising supply and printing company is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Roll Up Banner Printing in United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA and Africa.

In our company we print and deliver quality products at very low prices. We operate with a focus on customer satisfaction. Your orders will be processed in the shortest possible time.

We will print the Roll Up Banner inside a most of four days relying in your order and supply them to you in the subsequent three days.